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Private Personal Training & Online Training - Family owned fitness business located in Warrenton Virginia.  We have a focus on strength training, lean muscle building, conditioning and over 10+ years of experience. We have produced results in all fitness levels of all ages.  We will guide you with correct form, technique and ensure your experience is enjoyable!

Personal Training Review Warrenton

Maryann T.

I have been training with Kevin since Jan. I feel incredible! My husband compliments me daily. I am finally investing in my health and future. Kevin and Kelly are inspirational and care for their clients. So grateful for their vision and passion.

Review for Personal Training Warrenton

Will S.

This company has changed my life. I am 36 years old and have never been as strong and as fit as I am today. Been training with Kevin for over 10 months now and he has consistently pushed me to the next level. Very professional and organized. If you are considering doing personal training then look no further! This is the right company to train with!

Warrenton Personal Training Review

Katy B.

I have been doing private training with Kelly for several years now. She is fantastic, fun, and very knowledgeable. I have also attended Yoga and boot camps, which are equally as great. I highly recommend KCPT!!

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